It’s time to hit the books again. Summer is officially over, and the time for learning is at hand.

We know it’s a bummer being back in school, but don’t fret because this year is going to be great. Here are 10 things you should avoid doing in the classroom:

1. Fall asleep in the back of the class. When the teacher tries to wake you up — fake having a night terror.

2. Orchestrate a gambling pool based on the potential meltdowns of crazy teachers.

3. Make out with your girlfriend in the gym during a pep rally. Actually, do that — you’ll look cool.

4. Dress like a giant chicken and run around school yelling, “This year is going to be clucktastic!”

5. Ask your only hot teacher out on a date to Red Lobster.

6. If you go to a private school, wear your uniform backwards.

7. Burn all of your textbooks in the school’s parking lot.

8. Introduce yourself to the principal as “The Dude.”

9. Go streaking.

10. Tell your teacher, “Thanks to the Internet, there’s no need for you anymore.”