According to a new survey, 93% of people say that it's the little things in life that make them happiest. I guess the other 7% need parades thrown in their honor or a party or something.  If you're still waiting on that parade you might want to try enjoying a few of the little things in life.

Here are the top 11 little things that make people the happiest:

1.  Getting a compliment - say something nice to those around you and watch the smiles appear.

2.  Getting an unexpected gift - as long as its a good gift and not something you got for free for opening a new checking account at the bank, lol.

3.  Sunny days.

4.  Finding money in your pocket - one of the best surprises ever!

5.  Getting into a bed with clean sheets - might be time to do some laundry?

6.  A hug - this is why I'm voting to keep hugs free for all Americans.

7.  Reading a good book - I might have to give this one a try, I'm not much of a reader.

8.  The sound of laughter - ahh, the sound of happiness!

9.  Getting flowers - who doesn't love receiving flowers?

10.  Hearing a baby laughing - nothing makes you smile quicker in my opinion.

11.  Sleeping in - by far my favorite thing to do!!

Source: Daily Mail