We all wanted a White Christmas. But the down side to all of us sitting in our houses watching the snow fall was what happened when 14 inches of snow fell in the city. More by the mountain and out west of town. But what I got when I woke up on Christmas day and the the day after was the ability to drive to the mall, downtown, and around by the west and east side. Now how did that happen? A bunch of men who, yes got paid extra for going out on Christmas night, and running their trucks went to work. Yup they got paid. By us. So what?. They decided to plow our streets. I flagged down a crew. I found out that it was voluntarily. They didn't have to do ti. So guys, thanks for sitting in the trucks. Thanks for clearing the snow. Thanks for what you did not sitting on the couch of your families living rooms and instead sat in the seat of your trucks. Nice Job.