Seems as thought everything in this day and age must trend to be important, even Halloween. A website called SumoCoupon analyzed Google search trends to try and figure out the Halloween costumes that are trending in all 50 states.

Here are the top five things that can be taken from the analysis . . .

1. Costumes of Katniss from "The Hunger Games" are trending in the most states, with four: Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, and Massachusetts.

2. A black widow spider is also trending in four states: Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, and North Carolina.

3. Batman is trending in Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Tennessee . . . Catwoman is trending in Illinois and New York . . . the Joker is trending in Nevada . . . and a more obscure Batman character, Harley Quinn, is trending in South Carolina.

4. The top trending costume in Minnesota, Maryland, and Connecticut is a giant banana costume. Really?

5. The Sexiest state award goes to . . . Arkansas. We bet you've never heard any utter that sentence before! The top trending sexy costume there is - cheerleader.

6. As far as Wyoming goes, if the trends on Google are correct - we should see a lot of dog costumes out at parties and on the trick or treat prowl this evening.  But I wouldn't hold my breath... Happy Halloween!


Source: Huffington Post