With temperatures set to dip below zero, it's time to take care of the second biggest purchase most of us will make in a lifetime, the automobile!

Visibility is very important. We often have impaired vision during the winter months here in Casper, (Central) Wyoming. It's dangerous! Always make time to scrape your windows before you head out. You should have your heating system checked (defroster) and fill the washer reservoir with a de-icing formula fluid. Wiper blades should be in good shape too. Headlights, taillights, turn signals should be functioning properly, because in low visibility weather it's important to be seen!

It's really smart not to let your gas gauge to dip below half a tank, you have a better chance of reaching your destination with fuel. Get your oil checked or changed regularly and all other fluids according to manufacturers recommendations. The engine is vital!

Belts and hoses wear over time, so it's a good idea to check them before you get stranded out in sub-zero temperatures. Squeeze the hoses for firmness and check for any cracks or leaks. The belts should not be frayed in any way and should have no splits. Check for a tight fit.

Tires should be inflated properly, no cracks, and good tread depth. Also, make sure to carry a properly inflated spare.

The most important aspect of your automobile to be checked is the battery. Cold weather is hard on batteries,so have your charging system checked by a professional.