Since word of Rocky Mountain Power’s investment in wind energy, we’ve had time for our minds to process $3.5 Billion. This really helps Wyoming, I won’t ask questions. Here are 5 things I don't even need to know.

1. Just know the plan is for the next 20 years to expand wind, solar and transmission of it. Exactly how 900 megawatts come from the wind is something I’ve always left up to experts. Smart People, we believe in you. Go get ‘em.

2. The Gateway West line between Medicine Bow and Bridger Power Plant will be more efficient and carry more load. We don’t need to know how much 500 kilovolts is, but it sounds like a lot. We’re all for the relief of transmission congestion because if that gets as bad as indigestion, no more congestion really is a big relief.

3. A total of 1,100 megawatts of new wind projects by 2021 gets Wyoming federal production tax credit value for energy customers. Okay now I’m really confused. I need a professional to do my own taxes. Still, though, this sounds like it’s also a good thing.

4.  Adding 859 magawatts between the years 2028 and 2036 really blows my mind. I’m just hoping to live to 2027.

5.  A $2.5 million donation goes to the University of Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Research. Governor Mead said this is research “not being done anywhere else.” That sounds good. Otherwise, many University's research that isn't being done elsewhere can be exactly what we’re afraid of.