Boy, are you in luck! I was just sitting here thinking that instead of just playing Eric Church and eating Cheetos during the breaks, maybe I could be a little more productive. Key word being "little." Here are five records that helped shape my life. I would only hope that someday you might get the chance to enjoy them as much as I have.

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    Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb

    Andy Gibb was a legend in my mind. He came from the great lineage that was the Bee Gees. He was better looking than Maurice and Robin and more likeable with less chest hair than Barry. His album Shadow Dancing had two noteworthy songs on it to me - the title cut and discowy Shadow Dancing and (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away. Andy had a powerful but subtle voice that always broke through the music and filled a young boy with hope. His career would begin to decline in the '80s, and after a hosting gig on the music show, Solid Gold, performances on Broadway and in other theatre productions, and various guest appearances, Andy unexpectedly passed away in the spring of 1988 at the tender age of 30.

    matt hutchinson, flickr
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    Lanza Sings Christmas Carols, by Mario Lanza

    The first and only Noel if you ask me. Mario sang me to sleep on many a restless Christmas Eve. His soothing Tenor filled my bedroom as well as my soul. I guess he was a jerk, but what a crooner!

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    The Fifth Annual North Dakota All-State Band & Chorus by The Fifth Annual North Dakota All-State Band & Chorus

    As you can probably see, this one had to be withdrawn from eBay since apparently I'm the only one that can appreciate its richness. The Fifth Annual North Dakota All-State Band & Chorus were from North Dakota, I presume. I knew after my first listen that I could never be drawn to any other annual All-State Band & Chorus, but this, the Fifth Annual North Dakota All-State Band & Chorus. I'm serious! It not only inspired me to drop band all-together, which Dad loved, but it gave me a reason to think about North Dakota once in a while.

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    Music For Tired Golfers by Larry Clinton And His Orchestra

    My teenage life was at a crossroads. A once promising high school golf career had begun to nosedive due to puberty, girls, more puberty, and general exhaustion. Then Mom introduced me to Larry Clinton and I suddenly went from tired to wired! Music For Tired Golfers spoke to me in ways that I could have only dreamed of before. Its lullaby-esque tones along with it's melodic strings would be my ace in the hole for a long time to come.

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    Whoopee - Polkas, Waltzes, and Schottisches by John Wilfahrt

    The greatest vinyl LP of all time! This is the album that made me need Music For Tired Golfers. I can't tell you how many times I scored with this record gently humming in the background.Who needs Zeppelin when you've got John Wilfahrt, right?! This guy really knew his way around an accordion. His precision would make Lady Gaga and Madonna both blush. Every one of the songs and interpretations are wicked good! His name is Wilfahrt!