This year's crop of summer movies seem to be more about sequels than new and original story lines. The new crop of sequels being released to theaters include the Harry Potter conclusion, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hangover, Cars and a few others.

For the most part, these sequels will provide a much needed escape from reality for a couple of hours. But, what about the sequels that are bombs? You know the one's where the studio executives didn't know when to say "Enough is Enough".

As we head into the late part of the summer sequel season, here is my list of my top 5 sequels that went on way longer than they should have!


#5.) Final Destination


The opening minutes of the original movie set the premise of several teenagers that were lucky enough to avoid death, or did they. The movie theme follows our actors and actresses and teaches us that - No one can escape death. In these movies, death hunts down the youngsters one by one and claims them in a series of non-coincidental "accidents".

I pretty much think we were done with this concept after the first movie! But the movie executives will be releasing yet another - Final Destination 5 in a few weeks. I wonder if the will finally figure out a way to "cheat death"?

#4.) American Pie


This series of squeals started with several teenage boys entering in a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. Adult situations and awkward humor made the first two movies in this series entertaining, but that is where the series should have ended. How many cheesy adolescent squeals can you come up with that show just enough skin to keep the teenage crowd coming into the theater?

According the the exec's who put this series out - Six appears to be the correct amount.

#3.) Saw


"Saw" quickly became a box office favorite as a twisted scary movie thrilling audiences with a "which would you choose" horror type flick. But after the first couple of squeals, "Saw" soon became a long and drawn out series of boring predictable twists and turned from a thought provoking thriller in to "how grotesque can we get" series.

Are you ready for Saw VIII?  It's coming to a theater near you this fall...

#2.) Scary Movie


Another example of a good original idea, beaten to death by way too many sequels! This spoof series, incorporated light hearted humor pointed towards other movies was extremely funny early on. But, we get it already.

Been there done that, again! and again! and...

#1.) Police Academy


Originally a good-hearted movie about a group of incompetent misfits enrolling into the police academy and the pranks and antics that ensued. But did we really need 7 of these bumbling style movies?

Let me just say, the first Police Academy was very funny and everyone fell in love with Michael Winslow (the guy who makes all of the sound effects with his mouth). Though there is only so many ways you can make incompetence seem funny and now its time to hang it up.

I don't really believe that Hollywood is out of original ideas. Rather, I just think we've got some lazy executives that would rather throw crap at us and hope we'll buy it, instead of cultivating new talent and ideas.

I hope you will join me again next summer when I'll post a squeal to this article on this exact same topic. An almost identical review of my Top 5 movie sequels that should've never been made!

Did we miss any? You bet we did!!

Tell us, which sequel movies you've seen that should have never been made?