She may have earned her first taste of fame with mall tours and synth-pop hits like ‘Could’ve Been,’ ‘All This Time,’ and her cover of ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ but Tiffany says she’s always been a country music fan at heart — and now, almost 25 years after releasing her debut album, she’s coming home.

It’s been a long road for Tiffany, who has weathered plummeting sales, lawsuits, divorce, and the shadow of her teenybopper past over the last couple of decades. But for the singer who was only 10 when she made her professional debut by singing a duet with country artist Jack Reeves — and who later got her first big break from none other than Hoyt Axton — the road always led back to Nashville.

“This has literally been 10 years in the making,” Tiffany recounted during a recent interview with Taste of Country. “I came to Nashville in the early ’90s, and I thought, ‘OK, enough is enough. I write songs, I just don’t have the backbone to show it to anybody. I want to go to Nashville and learn how to properly write a song.’” Though her plans were temporarily derailed by a divorce that sent her back to California, she eventually found her way back — and ended up releasing her country debut, ‘Rose Tattoo,’ earlier this year.

“It’s been exciting,” Tiffany says of the latest chapter in her career. “I know there are going to be some challenges, and it will be a long process for me, but I’m not in a hurry. I’m taking the time to talk to my band and say, ‘Look, these are my goals, and this is where I want to be. I really want to be doing country music.’”

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