Each weekday, Rodeo Rick scours the web for the best and weirdest news headlines from around the world. We proudly present you with the best Redneck Headlines and the stories behind them.

Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Home Yeccch Class
#2 - 99 Bottles Of Beer In The Bear
#3 - Oh Baby, I need Some Fries

Home Yeccch Class

A Florida man forgot all about dress codes when he broke into a school administration building at night to take a nap – while stark naked.

Barry Douglas White was found lounging in the nude on a couch at the Parent Information Center of Manatee, Florida's, school district. Cops arrived on the scene after a passer-by reported seeing a glass panel at the front of the building broken out, and found White – who admitted to the forced entry but insisted he was just looking for his hotel room when he committed the crime.

White, who could not explain how he confused the office building with a Motel 6, was charged with burglary. (UPI)


99 Bottles Of Beer In The Bear

Norwegian police responded to the scene of a wild party and found the place deserted, but discovered evidence of a bender on the part of a family ... of wild bears!

The critters invaded a vacation cabin in the northern part of the country and made a mess – broken furniture, food strewn about, and about 100 empty beer cans. The cabin's owner said he ruled out human involvement after he returned home and surveyed the damage, which also included smears of excrement – which turned out to have come from four-legged creatures, not typical party-minded teens.

In addition to the beer, the bears ate their fill of sweets, including marshmallows, chocolate and honey... (New York Daily News)


Oh Baby, I Need Some Fries

An Ohio woman faked labor pains to get out of a shoplifting arrest – only to risk another kind of belly-ache by fleeing cops to hit a fast-food joint.

Tamala Grissett had allegedly stolen more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise from a Cincinnati-area Macy's when cops nabbed her – only to have her hand over a fake I.D., threaten to kill the arresting officer and finally pretend to go into labor. She turned on her acting skills to mimic labor pains, and did well enough that deputies began preparing papers to transfer her to a hospital unit – at which point she made a dash for the door.

From there, she went to the only logical place – McDonald's. She was arrested there and charged with escape, aggravated menacing, obstructing official business and theft. (WXIX)

A wanna-be burglar in Georgia is in a ho-ho-hole lotta trouble after getting stuck when he went up the chimney without care during a heist.