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A tough and rugged man who lives on a ranch outside Douglas, Wyoming also writes some of the most romantic novels you may ever read. His name is Reid Rosenthal. For the last five years, in Historical Western Romance Novels, Reid has been quite a success.

Romance Writers of America doesn’t keep data on the percentage of male authors versus female, but Reid’s editor, Page Lambert, says that male romance novelists are not very common, adding, “At least not men who don’t write under a pseudonym. I think that’s one of his strengths, a masculine sensitivity opens up a broader readership.”

I think it’s nice that someone named Page is not sexist, unlike those who seem too surprised by this, who blurt out the tired old remark, “Men just aren’t romantic.” I, myself, take bromantic offense to that!

Reid is an interesting story himself, being a Wyoming western romantic who quit letting real ranching get in the way of also being an excellent writer. Read more here, and you'll know where he gets his own stories. Many of the stories are based on the wild frontier and love and tribulations of the Wyoming area at the time.

Basically, Mister Rosenthal is 57, smokes Camel straights and drives a Ford F-350.

Any more questions?