Matt Cardy, Getty Images

Social Security has been in existence for 80 years, and a new AARP survey shows the popularity of the program is strong.

Tim Lockwood with AARP Wyoming says the survey shows people of all ages and political party affiliations like Social Security and expect it to be there for them.

"With 80 percent of those who are surveyed planning on relying on Social Security in a substantial way, it's obviously still an important program for the American public," said Lockwood.

The survey also reinforced previous research about the importance of living at home as long as possible in a lifetime. Lockwood says he sees how that's connected to financial security.

"With most people wanting to live independently, and be able to stay in their home and age in their home, Social Security is the type of thing that does that," said Lockwood.

The survey also explored obstacles people face in saving for retirement. 68% expressed concern they won't have enough saved, and nearly 70% say they can't save enough because of current financial needs.