Joshua Robb, 8 years old and autistic, ran away from the school yard last week and became lost in the San Bernardino National Forest. After being missing for 24 hours the boy was rescued thanks in part to Alan Jackson and Ozzy Osbourne.

The young boy was afraid of the loud noises and unfamiliar voices that drove him farther into hiding. More than 60 rescue workers from 4 counties assisted by dogs and a helicopter came to aid in the search for missing Joshua.

But, it was Joshua's father who came up with a plan to help rescuers find the lost boy. He suggested that the team play Joshua's two favorite songs - Alan Jackson's "Good Time" and Ozzy's "No More Tear's". Joshua's father thought that if Josh heard his two favorite songs, he wouldn't be afraid to be found.

Rescuer's played the songs inter mixed with recorded plea's from Josh's father to come out, using a familiar voice to draw the boy out of hiding. Rescuers were able to find Joshua's shirt, which helped lead them to the boy. They found him about a mile and a half from where he was last seen. Rescuers lowered a basket into a steep ravine to bring the child to safety.

Joshua's father told reporters, "I heard them blaring 'No More Tears' and it was a very short time after that, we heard the rescuers had found him."

It's been a tough year for the Robb family.

The Robb's are homeless after a foreclosure, and Joshua was taken by Child Protective Services.

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