Ever thought about living the wild Alaskan life or are you simply a fan of Jack London books? You might consider enrolling in a dog mushing school this winter. Winterlake Lodge, located on the famous Iditarod Trail in Alaska, offers its guests a four-day long dog mushing school.

While the Iditarod, a grueling 1,100-mile sled dog race, tasks the most experienced mushers, you won’t be forced to endure such harsh conditions. After learning the basics of driving a sled dog team during the day, you can relax in the lodge’s warm guest cabins, and in the main lodge in both the afternoon and night.

Later on, you can get a therapeutic massage, or perhaps take a few yoga and cooking classes. Okay, these aren’t the kind of burly conditions Jack London would have written about, but you’re always free to leave that part out of your story. Simply tell your friends back home about the perils you faced as you led a team of huskies over mounds of snow. Skip over the gourmet food and dips in the hot tub.

Winterlake Lodge, open in the winter from February to the middle of April, also offers backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and a host of other winter recreational activities for those of you who really do want to test yourself against the elements. It’s a remote place, only accessible by plane, where you can experience some of the wonders of the wild if you want to, while still maintaining the comforts of home.