American Idol Alum, Crystal Bowersox, recently visited with The Boot about her new release "Dead Weight". "This song means more to me than even I can completely comprehend. I feel like it's one of those tunes where the meaning will get deeper and deeper over time as you start to really live and actualize the words into your existence. It's about knowing in your heart, that not knowing the outcome is perfectly acceptable. Breathe. I'm still figuring it out, myself."

"Dead Weight" is featured on Crystal's upcoming album, All That for This. "That title is about every serendipitous moment in my life, leading me to this one," explains the singer-songwriter of the collection of songs, due in stores March 26. "I'm really happy right now, and the music reflects that."

Crystal shot the brand-new video for "Dead Weight" on a ranch in southern California. It starts with scenes of a young girl experiencing some sort of dramatic, inner turmoil. But the clip has a happy ending, thanks to the love and affection of a few friends.