Although I have heard the song "I Am Telling You I'm Not Going", I am not that familiar with Jennifer Holliday.  Last Night, I had the chance to hear or more so, see her sing! There's no doubt the woman can sing...but I have never laughed so hard watching someone sing before, other than maybe at a local karaoke bar like Karen & Jims...LOL!  This lady has the craziest facial expressions I have ever seen.  She had the entire Berry family ROFL!!!!!!!  I had to watch the video over and over not only to get some good laughs, but also to try to close my eyes and just listen as these two amazing ladies blow you away with their vocal ability.  Check it out!


Now that you've had a good laugh, I have to say that although Jessica Sanchez is amazing, I was very happy to see Phillip Phillips get the trophy!  We all know Jessica will still have a career in music with such an incredible they both come out winners in the end!