I'm blaming Country Strong for this.

This is basically aiming for "Generation X," and anyone looking to put something new on their Netflix account, in the way of what I would call "Country Music" movies.

So, here you go...from the same insane mind that brought you "Top 11 Karoake Songs" and the "Coal Miner's Daughter" movie trailer, comes..."The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" vintage movie trailer, from 1981.

This cinematic masterpiece and coming-of-age story starred a young Kristy McNichol,(she was sooo hot) Dennis Quaid, (check out that hair) and Luke Skywalker, himself, Mark Hamill.  May the "Force" be with us.

You haven't heard singing this good since "The Pirate Movie."

Do be warned; this clip contains inebriated minors, not only talking but seemingly driving, and...Georgia.  Also take note that Al Pacino in mentioned in the opening credits.  Enjoy!