Coming to an America near you?!  Surely, there's got to be a better way to get breakfast. 

As I'm sure you're aware, countries that pride themselves on so-called 'free speech,' are often courted by visionaries/revolutionaries/critics/pundits who aim to test the parameters of this freedom, to prove that they actually exist.

The latest attempt comes from a young woman in Ukraine who was jailed because she dared to fry eggs over an 'eternal flame' memorial that honors fallen soldiers and the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

What seems strange is that police did nothing to interfere with her during her 'art exhibit,'  but eventually arrested her three months later.  I would think that the statute of limitations would be up on that one.  Anna Sin'kova was charged with desecrating a grave.  She faces 5 years and has been denied bail.

Anna is the leader of the Ukrainian art group, Brotherhood of Saint Luke.  What did she have to say about her arrest?

I do not regret my performance for a single second, even after being interrogated for four hours without my lawyer, and despite the pressure I have been subjected to while in jail. The accusations against me are absurd and ridiculous.  

 “The media distorted the original message behind my performance”  

 They say I desecrated a grave, but it’s quite the opposite. The eternal flame is not a grave, it’s a propaganda memorial for a totalitarian communist regime [the former USSR]. It is the biggest desecration of the memory of the victims of a terrible war, many of whom, including my grand-grandfather, were dedicated orthodox Christians. The cult of “The Great Victory”, invented by the Kremlin [Sin'kova believes that the Russian government uses Soviet-era wartime symbols to project national greatness], has nothing to do with the real veterans and victims of the war. That's why I made this performance. If it was a desecration, it was a desecration of a Soviet propaganda object, not soldiers' graves.

We credit France 24 with the original story.

While I find it very sad that there are people who feel the need to do these kind of acts--considering the monumental problems facing the world, I wonder if there's a bit of overreaction, here. 

Where's the strangest place that you've ever had breakfast?