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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Getting Her Kicks
#2 - A Doozy of a Jacuzzi
#3 - Bad Fortune, Cookie!

Getting Her Kicks

A New York woman ended up behind bars after trying to end her Florida vacation by getting some kicks - in the general direction of the groin of a cop.

Norma Brownstein finished a hearty meal at the Buddha Garden Chinese restaurant, then decided she'd name her own price leaving a mere five bucks for about $65 worth of chow. When a restaurant manager objected, she began cursing and telling him that she had no intention of paying the entire amount, leading to a 911 call.

The officer who arrived to question Brownstein was greeted with a kick to the upper thigh, a move Brownstein repeated after being cuffed and laid on the ground. Her arrest report noted, "She had glassy eyes, and the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage was emanating from her." Source: WPTV


A Doozy of a Jacuzzi

A Florida woman was arrested for dropping the kids off before going to the pool -- she took a poop in a stranger's yard and then cleaned off with a skinny dip.

Cheryl Beauchamp was busted after the homeowner spotted her on a surveillance camera that was trained on his yard. When cops arrived, the 35-year-old told them that she only took the dip because she didn't have anyplace to stay and she needed a bath. And she needed a bath because she was on her way to an appointment with President Obama.

Beauchamp also told officers that she wanted to go to jail -- a request they granted by charging her with burglary and criminal mischief. Source: WKMG


Bad Fortune, Cookie!

A New Hampshire woman ran into bad fortune when she called 911 -- to place an order for Chinese food!

Elizabeth Niemi dialed 911 and insisted she had an urgent matter that she needed help with, but when emergency responders arrived, she told them that she really needed help in fulfilling her craving for Asian delicacies. The firefighters left the scene without making a scene, but Niemi's rice was fried a few days later when cops arrived at her home to place her under arrest for misuse of the 911 system.

She was released after posting $5000 bail and we don't think they threw in a free two-liter. Source: WBZ