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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - One Crappy Flight
#2 - This Carnival's No Cruise
#3 - Bad Teacher

One Crappy Flight

A California man is suing a major airline for a half million bucks after he says it sent his reputation down the toilet by having him detained for not flushing after visiting the facilities in mid-flight.

Salvatore Bevivino says that the problems started shortly after takeoff when he pushed a call button to request that a flight attendant bring him a soda – only to be told that he had to order his beverage from a touch screen system instead. He said it didn't work and stopped another attendant and asked for a drink once again, and finally got one – but when he got up to use the bathroom after downing it, things got weird.

One of the crew claims that Bevivino began spouting obscenities, which he denies, and that he refused to flush. The pilot had him detained after landing as "a person of suspicion," which he claims caused him "humiliation, emotional distress and damage to his personal reputation" – a combo platter he believes is worth a cool half-mil. (Philadelphia Inquirer)


This Carnival's No Cruise

A New Hampshire man probably realizes he waited too long to split from a carnival – after spending his entire life savings at a game booth and coming away with nothing but a stuffed banana.

Henry Gribbohm says that he was trying to win an X-Box for his kids at the booth, but ended up dropping a whopping $2600 and "winning" the large yellow toy – which is topped with a wig of dreadlocks. The game involved tossing balls into a tub, and he says that when he practiced, it seemed easy enough, but something changed when he started playing for the prize and the balls kept popping out.

Gribbohm came back to complain the next day, and the operator offered him $600, which he took, but says he's still planning to sue. The carnival operator says it's "pretty next to impossible” to lose that much money at the game. (CBS)


Bad Teacher

A substitute teacher in Seoul, South Korea, is facing a number of charges after shocking a classroom full of teens by administering a flogging to a student and then flogging himself as an encore.

The teacher, identified only as "Mister A," flew into a rage when one of his students refused to take his ear-buds out when asked, and "severely beat" the young man – causing the other students to flee the classroom. The instructor followed them into the hall, and allegedly dropped his pants and began pleasuring himself in front of the group, at which point one of the kids called for help.

"Mister A" insisted his pants had fallen down in the heat of the tussle and he only put his hands into the trousers to keep them up, but a student who had been videotaping the whole scene provided evidence of his x-rated behavior. A local administrator apologized for the incident and blamed a "loose screening process" for the man's hiring. (Gawker)