The night of Monday, February 13th was a very special treat for Artcore fans. That was the evening that my favorite Cowboy music supergroup, the Bar J Wranglers, came to town for a concert. Can I get a "Yee Haw?!"

Now, you might remember that I first told you about the Bar J Wranglers last summer after a chance visit to their world famous ranch and chuckwagon in Jackson Hole.

First of all, it was one of the biggest crowds that I have ever seen gather for an Artcore event. N.C.H.S.'s John F. Welsh Auditorium was nearly filled to capacity with the young and old, alike. 

As the sparse seats continued to fill, I listened to any comments I could make out. There were a lot of people who would be experiencing the Wranglers for the first time. Then there were those who had seen them perform at the Bar J in Jackson. Then there were the die hards who seldom ever miss seeing the boys perform, and make them a regular part of their schedule. Then there were the groupie/stalkers who despite any and all attempts to keep them out, still managed to find a seat.

We all had such a great time!  One of the coolest things is that even though you know they've probably done the same routine a million times - it never seems like it. It's done so precisely and so skillfully that you'd swear that this was an original performance designed just for you. And Scott, Bryan, Tim, Danny, and Donnie seem to be having just as much fun as anyone (well maybe not Donnie). I smiled and giggled just as though this was my first time as well.

The Bar J Wranglers, in addition to all of the jokes and teasing seemingly made at one another's expense, provide some of the tightest harmonies and musicianship that I have ever encountered. It was an absolute pleasure watching them go to work. It was also a lot of fun to see some of our older citizens who normally wouldn't make it out for a night on the town, show up in droves to clap and sing along with the songs that they had grown up with. Another thing that made their performance so special, and that will definitely appeal to My Country fans, is that they always make it a point to acknowledge our fine military personnel and veterans. When asked to stand, it was fantastic to see so many that have answered the call on behalf of their country.

I am so glad that I made time to go see them again! They provide an entertainment value that I feel is sorely lacking in our fast-paced world of today. So if you ever get the chance - go see the Bar J Wranglers. You won't be sorry! I certainly can't wait for my next opportunity.

Thanks again, Wranglers!