When Poco headlines the Beartrap Sunday show of August 7th on Casper Mountain, it won’t be founding member Rusty Young’s first visit to Casper. In fact he’s played Cheyenne and Casper on several occasions, which we will talk about soon.

But first, I got to wondering about where we could show him some world class Wyoming fishing after I found out he likes pulling Small Mouth Bass out of a River that runs near his home in The Mark Twain National Forest in South West Missouri.

It got me thinking about where he could catch a real fish in the Wyoming waters that draw anglers from around the world.


Where would you suggest he drop a line when he gets to Casper? Rusty should experience some Trout and Walleye from The Cowboy State.

Rodeo Rick knows the Wyoming waters as well as anyone, and he share's his favorites with local knowledge HERE.