We occasionally get instruction from our nerdy web guys to accomplish a goal. This particular goal was to go find the BEST Christmas gift ever but only spend $10.00. Now you know as well as i do that a $10 bill gets you almost nowhere in the traditional gift buying circles so you have to find another avenue. My thought was to hit the thrift stores and find that new or near new item that someone had parted with just because they had no use for it. I looked at golf instructional pieces, fondue pots, ties and a dozen other things before i found THIS!

I know it looks like it was ran over by a Mac Truck, but it's brand new! It is an Excursion Edition XXL 30" Rolling Travel Mega-Duffel with 7 exterior compartments, a telescopic handle system and smooth gliding in-line skate wheels. And it is BRAND NEW! I know it looks a little rough on the outside but you are going to throw the box away anyway. Would i wrap it just like this? Of course, because the original price is conveniently on the box.

So now i look like i spent $30 instead of ten and i can blame the damaged box on the jolly man in the red suit.

Mission Accomplished.