We love them because they make us jump, scream and curl up into a fetal position for protection.

A lot of big scaredy cats have shed tears and woke in the middle of the night screaming "Mommy"! 

On Halloween, these are the top 5 movies you'll want to watch, that will guarantee that you and your date stay up all night.

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    The Shining (1980)

    The Shining might be the most popular of the Stephen King's books, but the movie adaptation is certainly the most popular film created by from the horror author's work. From the Deadly hedge mazes, elevators full of blood and the horrific events that await the audience in the picturesque movie will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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    Alien (1979)

    The Alien series are predominately considered to be of the Sci-Fi realm, but the original movie is as much a horror film as science fiction. With a small crew being hunted by one terrifying creature, Alien created nightmares for children around the world!

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    Jaws (1975)

    Steven Spielberg's first blockbuster and the scariest movie he's ever made, Jaws stuck a nerve of fear that is now instilled in beach goers and surfers around the world. Even the musical score.... Dun-uh.... Dun-uh.... conjures fear in the hearts of horror film lovers everywhere!

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    Psycho (1960)

    You will find little argument in the fact that Alfred Hitchcock is the master of suspense and tension. In 1960 Hitchcock created one of the most memorable horror experiences with a limited cast and budget. Psycho's scare created lots of empty rooms for small inns and motel keepers across the country, and the Bates Motel became synonymous with murder!

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    The Exorcist (1973)

    This movie is one that you should watch with the lights on! The Exorcist has on of the scariest music arrangements ever made in "Tubular Bells". The Exorcist pits Heaven and Hell against the viewers faith and creates a powerful image of a demon that can't be shot, stabbed or detonated. Far scarier than that found in the Freddy or Jason series' and garners the top spot in the top horror films of all time!