Okay, the wedding between Prince William and Katherine Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, happened when...?

That's what I thought.  The royal wedding is now a faint memory, except for one thing--that monstrosity of a hat worn by Princess Beatrice.  You know, the one that resembled a uterus!?  It garnered more attention than their royal highnesses and continues to do so. 

The Princess, no doubt in need of a little spending cash, disguised as a charitable action, has put her lovely little chapeau on eBay.  With four days to go, bidding has reached an astonishing $30,000, according to our friends at TMZ.  They even go to the trouble of photoshopping some pics to give you an idea of what our favorite celebrities would look like wearing it.

So, if you've got a little cash lying around and would like a little piece of history that neither fits in a box, nor looks good on a head, (oh, if hats could talk) log on to eBay right now!