A little time spent with a child can have a big impact on their future. Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for a few good men who are willing to make a new friendship with Casper youth ages 5-16. The organization currently has many young boys ready to be matched with a fun adult.

It can be tough to be a kid today. They sometimes face issues such as peer pressure, bullying, drugs and alcohol. A Big Brother can provide that little extra influence in their lives to help them make better choices and support the parents’ values.

Being a Big Brother doesn’t require a great deal of extra time. It’s not about money, gifts or planning special activities. It realistically just means including the child in everyday activities and being a person they can talk to. Big Brothers work with their Little Brothers and their families to schedule one-to-one time. Activities may include going to the park, snowboarding, fishing, eating dinner, watching a football game on TV, playing games, talking, listening, or just everyday types of things like running errands. For these kids, a volunteer’s willingness to spend time with them is a powerful act with great impact. For information on how to help a child in the community, call (307) 265 2227 or visit www.wyobbbs.org.