Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, welcomed their second child, son Tatum "Tate" Christopher, into the world last August. Luke's fellow country singer Blake Shelton has a theory on why Mrs. Bryan has spent a significant portion of her four-year marriage with child."He married over his head," Blake joked in a recent radio interview (quote via CMT). "He probably figures he's got a hot wife, and she's funny and cool. The only way he can really keep her is to try to get her pregnant. That's what's going on with Luke."

Currently in the middle of wedding plans of his own with bride-to-be Miranda Lambert, Blake says he also understands why so many of his musical comrades, including Dierks Bentley, James Otto, Josh Turner and the members of Rascal Flatts, have new babies in their homes.

"There's been several ice storms in Nashville lately. And the cable goes out and there's nothing else to do," he insists. "I mean, you're sitting there with your wife or husband. You know if there's nothing else to do, you're probably gonna end up hookin' up ... Next thing you know, [Rascal Flatts'] Jay DeMarcus actually has a kid."

Funnyman Blake is obviously getting ready for his co-hosting duties with Reba McEntire at the upcoming ACM Awards ceremony on April 3. But he does have a serious side -- especially when talking about his fiancée.

"Being able to look at Miranda, and know everything about her -- know the good times, the bad times, every habit she has and everything she does, and I don't have a problem with one thing about her," says Blake. "I can find something in everything she does that says that she's awesome. I'm constantly in awe of the things that she does and she says and the way she looks. It doesn't get old to me. I don't get tired of it. I know that's a lame way to talk about love, but when you talk about being in love with somebody, as I've gotten older, once you get past those early days when you cry when they go to the grocery store [laughs] and you don't want to sleep so you can stare at them. Once you get past that and you still feel the way I'm talking about, to me, that's when it gets good."

Things could get even better for Blake and Miranda at this Sunday night's Grammy awards ceremony. Blake is nominated for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals for his duet, 'Hillbilly Bone' with Trace Adkins. He'll also be cheering on his future wife, who's nominated for five golden statues. The Grammy Awards will air live Sunday (February 13) from Los Angeles at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.