There's never a shortage of material with guys like this around.  No doubt, mom's proud.

Keith Gruber was determined to make an impression in court...and boy, did he showing up to his felony DWI appearance with opened beer in hand. (Judges love that!)

Call it lack of better judgement, or just a case of extreme thirst.  Not only was Gruber drunk when he arrived, but apparently he was planning for the long haul with 4 more cans of "Busch" in his bag.

The Middletown Times Herald-Record reports that Keith Gruber of Swan Lake was an hour and a half late for his court appearance Monday before Sullivan County Judge Frank LaBuda, who asked him if he enjoyed his "liquid lunch."

Gruber said he did, then said he was sorry.

We'd like to thank NBC News New York for sharing.  Here' s the full scoop.

That's probably top of the list of places  you "shouldn't" bring alcohol.  Can you name some others?