In our continuing effort to show support for our nation's armed forces, and even more importantly, our own Wyoming men and women - we are pleased to bring you current military news and information from around the state.

 Camp Guernsey will welcome approximately 4,500 visitors to the camp's facilities this June. These participants will include Wyoming National Guard units, and members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the U.S Air Force.

There will be closures to Emigrant Hill Road June 7th through the 10th, and June 17th. This is to ensure the public's safety during rocket artillery training. Patton Creek Road and Meadowdale Road will be available as detours. Information about the June exercises can be found by calling the Camp Guernsey Fire Desk at 307-836-7810. 

An additional safety note from the State of Wyoming Military Department website: "Camp Guernsey's impact area is a dangerous location for two reasons. Live Artillery, bombs, and other munitions are shot or dropped into the area at various times during the day and night, making it a hazard to anyone.

Additionally, the impact area contains unexploded ordnance, including possible live artillery shells and other explosives. Moving or even touching the materials found in the impact area could detonate the explosives."

We thank all of our upstanding men and women serving in uniform for their selflessness and dedication to our country.