Do you own horses? If so, are they in need of having their hoofs shod or trimmed?

The Casper College Agricultural Department is searching for the aforementioned to participate in the Spring shoeing class.

The class, which begins Monday, April 6, will run for two weeks from 6 to 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday, according to Tom Parker, Casper College rodeo coach.

The class will need three to four horses to shoe or trim each night beginning April 7, according to Parker.

Parker noted that owners would be charged only for the materials used on each horse. “It's good timing for those wanting to get their horses shod or trimmed up for the spring,” he said.

Anyone interested in signing up for “Horseshoeing” (AGTK 1570 80), or in providing horses for the class should contact Parker at 307-268-2262 or