Officials with Casper Fire-EMS are hoping people stay fire safe during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Casper Fire-EMS fire prevention officer Justin Smith says most household fires tend to start in the kitchen when food is left alone.

Unattended cooking - when we talk about Thanksgiving safety and things that are flammable, it's certainly the unattended nature of it that is a problem," Smith said. "But also, as we're cooking a lot of food for a lot of people, it's very easy for the clutter to pile up."

Smith says people frying turkeys this holiday must make sure their portable fryer is working safely prior to cooking and is placed on a non-flammable rock or concrete surface during the cooking process. Smith also says additional safety precautions must be considered.

That turkey needs to be completely thawed out and dry before you place it in the oil," Smith said. "Another common problem is people overfilling their fryer - it's a good idea to throw the bird in the pot and fill it with water to the level that you're going to need (before cooking), then use the same amount of oil (when it's time to cook)."

For those roasting their turkey, officials with Casper Fire-EMS recommend people remain inside their kitchen when cooking food. Additionally, fire officials recommend parents keep children away from stoves, knives, lighters and all hot liquids.

A full list of Thanksgiving safety tips can be found at the Casper Fire-EMS Facebook page.