In line with the executive actions taken by the President concerning making more gun sales subject to background checks, Facebook has taken the dramatic step of prohibiting direct guns sales between individuals to take place on the site.

Lance Dryden of Casper started and runs four Facebook groups where guns are bought and sold, but surprisingly, he isn't as upset as you might imagine.

"Not so much," Dryden said. "Their reasoning behind it is believable and there is a somewhat good reason."

He admits that even in his group, you just don't know who you are selling to and a prohibited person could buy a gun with no one the wiser.

"Yes he can," he said, "And that is one of the reasons they are doing it. A criminal could take their cash, go to Facebook and pick up whatever they are looking for, with no paperwork or anything said or done, and it's just that easy."

But his membership, is not happy to say the least.

"People are very frustrated and very angry about it," Dryden added. "A lot of people swear that they will never use Facebook again. I haven't seen one positive comment or anything supporting it."

So he has changed his groups to discussion forums, though some folks may try to test the new rule.

Facebook will though allow dealers to still sell on the site, and those sales will require a background check.