The recent dip in oil & gas prices has made  many people nervous in the Cowboy State.

However, a majority of people taking our poll disagree with John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil.

Mr. Homeister predicted $5 a gallon gas prices in our future. So, it was the perfect time to ask if you agree with the prediction.

A majority of participants (27.66 percent) say no, there will be no $5 a gallon gas. Coming in with 23.40 percent, are the people who think we'll pay $5 a gallon before the 2016 election and the ones that are nervous about the possibility of the $5 dollar mark.

We did find that 17.02 percent are just enjoying the low prices while they last, which leaves 8.96 percent who chose other.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to participate.

You can still take the poll if you would like.