Last week we asked our audience who at Wyoming Medical Center deserves a raise or promotion, and thanks to your help we've finally narrowed it down to the finest staff member that should honestly be considered for a pay upgrade or advancement in their career, and short of that, a $100 Eastridge Mall gift card, courtesy of... US!

After the hundreds of votes have been tabulated, we combined the employees with the most nods along with their most inspirational reader-produced bio's to select our official choice of who should be brought to the attention of upper management. That winner is..

Kari Schroeder


Here's what some folks had to say about Kari:

During my mother's stay at the hospital Kari was very helpful she always checked on my mother making her feel at ease about bring there she also took care of the family making us feel comfortable and welcome. She does a

wonderful job. You can tell she is there because she loves her job. -Anonymous


Kari is such a hard worker she is so kind an makes your stay at WMC nice. -Anonymous


Kari is a very dedicated, and trustworthy employee. She is always going above and beyond what is expected of her. -Anonymous


While my girlfriend was having a very painful procedure at WMC Kari helped her an was very kind. -Anonymous


Well, there you have it. Congrats, Kari, and thanks for all you do for your patients!