I'm not much of an early riser, but this morning when I woke and started in to work a bit early, I discovered (like most of Casper), much of the city was shrouded in fog.

Listening early to the radio I heard the forecast and that much of eastern Wyoming was being affected by slow travel with fog along the I-25 corridor.  I haven't been in much fog since leaving Cheyenne 3 years ago.  I find it a bit eerie and it certainly can effect driving conditions and drivers depth perception.

Living out on the east side of Casper, I stepped out of the house and didn't notice any fog.  But as soon as I crested the hill on Centennial Hills Drive, I could see the entire city had disappeared, shrouded by fog.

So, like any nut with a camera, I took pictures on my inbound commute.

Wondering if we'll see more fog as we move through the week?  Click here to checkout the latest forecast for Casper and the surrounding area.

Hope you enjoy the photos, have a great Tuesday!