When you think about it, Casper has some really eye-catching signs for a smaller city. It's been a fun little project of mine to try to document some of them and share what I have found. No doubt, I've probably missed some good ones. That's where you come in. We'd love to hear what we've neglected, so don't be shy. Plus-they tell me the best things come in "fives." I did include some honorable mentions, though.

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    To our west is Pork-N-Bee's, a local landmark for years, that is currently under new ownership and almost ready for a reopening. The top sign is cool by itself (obviously replacing beans with bees), but the bottom is the one we're focusing on. And the interesting thing about this sign is not what's on it...but what isn't. For years, this hometown hotspot was known as Herbo's, and for years the only thing on that little billboard was "BEST WORST FOOD PRICES IN TOWN." I found it remarkable because I'd seen it hundreds of times-and never really knew what it meant. I miss it! I hope that the new owners bring it back in some form for us nostalgists.

    they're always "bee"sy
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    Hood's Landscaping

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    There it stands-a lone beacon near Hilltop standing tall in the night. This is one of my favorite signs because it has been around so long, and I really enjoy the old stuff. It belongs to Hood's Landscaping, one of Casper's oldest businesses. This is actually the second location for the glowing landmark. It was first positioned on Forest Drive in the location that a rental car agency now occupies. I also remember it being somewhat taller. That could just be a reflection of age, though. As a child when we would venture into the big city from Midwest, I would look for the sign as a way to get my bearings.

    what do you think they sell?
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    Village Inn

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    Here's another one of my nostalgic favorites. This sign is awesome because of its simplicity and because it's another one that has been around a very long time with little or no changes. This sign has always looked this way! Some will probably notice that the photo is taken from a newer location of this business, but the sign design remains the same. I also admire anyone who is bold enough to pair Aquamarine and Orange together. Those just happen to be my wedding colors...psych!

    it takes a village
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    Ayres Jewelry Company

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    Ayres Jewelry has billed itself as the "little store with the clock on the sidewalk" for decades. Ayre's is third generation and just happens to be the oldest jewelry store in Wyoming. That's worthy of some recognition, I think. Plus the clock is just plain cool. Take a close look. You'll see that the clock is actually surrounded by a ring. Yes! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought at some point that "this would look awesome in my bedroom."

    time for a sign
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    First Southern Baptist Church

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    Leave it to a church to come up with the perfect sign and take the number one spot on my list. I think it takes the cake AND the whole enchilada. It's simple, unassuming, clever, and funny. There's no Neon or motion lighting to it, and it's not that big. I still love to drive by it, and it always makes me smile. By some divine intervention, I bet no one has ever needed to be removed from this spot.

    11th commandment?