Aside from the pounding of a nice thunderstorm or two, the weekend was absolutely gorgeous--and a perfect opportunity to jump into more of those long-awaited summer activities.  I, myself, made it a point to get out and get some sun on these candy stix that I call legs.  From there, an idea was born.

With summer in full bloom and my eyes and camera sighted on what I believe to be one of Casper's most familiar, oddest, and coolest trees, I started snapping.

Is this Casper's best tree?  If not, I think it's right up there.  (no pun intended)


No doubt it's a familiar sight to visitors to Washington Park who have sought shade for decades on its large and convenient rocks directly underneath.  The tree itself, a massive yet seemingly sparse pine that has obviously grown with the flow for years and displays a very impressive angle.  It's not only charming, but fairly representive of a city known for it's 'breeze.'

One can just imagine how a lone pine cone blew down from just over the hill and came to rest at its base, choosing to make this particular spot its home.  How many lovers, dogs, deer, squirrels, birds, and children have shared its space over the generations?

If you haven't seen this tree, yet--it's a sight to behold and they'll be no mistaking it.  Keep your eyes open and your camera handy.  You might just discover Casper's coolest tree.