The Casper’s Deadly Ghost’s next home bout is Saturday, November 22nd.  The team is excited to present a game with teams mixed from all over Wyoming, Colorado and Montana!  It is a perfect chance for fans to see higher level derby at it’s best.   Casper’s Deadly Ghosts bout will feature many Wyoming State All Star nominees and winners including the Wyoming State MVP, Hir Majestie.  Doors will open at 6:00 p.m.  The bout will begin at 7:00 p.m.  The event will be held at the Fairgrounds Industrial Building in Casper, Wyoming.

The pre-sale ticket price is $10 or tickets can be purchased for $12 online or at the door. Children 10 and under are free. Tickets are available now and can be purchased in advance from, Derby Boutique, Sonic Rainbow, Shade Tree, Bliss Yogurt, Dave’s Darts and Billiards, or from your favorite roller girl.

Casper’s Deadly Ghosts are also excited to build excitement for the game of roller derby by introducing the ladies who play and talk about what they do outside of roller derby.  “Roller derby has typically had a reputation of rowdy girls who don’t do much but bash into each other.  In reality, women who play roller derby are extremely active in their communities.  We have ladies with Master’s degrees, nurses, teachers, government employees, legal administrators, police officers, professional counselors, neurophysiologists, and women who stay home to raise their children” says Maiden Payne, a Nationally Board certified middle school teacher in the district.  “The thing that amazes me the most is we come to practice to participate in this difficult sport after working long days in each of our professions.  On top of it, many of these women participate in the league structure, operating on the board of directors for the team and in the different community events.  Roller derby is like another full time job on top of work and family commitments.  However, every women involved in roller derby wouldn’t have it any other way.  CDG is really hoping to get the community to come out to see the amazing women who play this sport and to see the amazing players from all around who will be here.”

Venture out to the Fairgrounds Industrial Building and join this powerful group of skaters in the excitement of jukes, jumps, whips and wipe-outs!

Women’s roller derby is a full contact, aggressive, competitive sport played on traditional quad skates. In the past few years, the sport has experienced a worldwide explosion, with nearly 1,600 leagues popping up around the world.

About the Casper’s Deadly Ghosts Roller Derby.

Casper’s Deadly Ghosts roller derby league, formed in 2012, is the only non-profit flat track roller derby league in Casper.  The League’s mission is to provide the women of their community with an opportunity to get involved in the exciting, fast-paced sport that fosters respect and builds confidence.

Casper’s Deadly Ghosts strive to promote athleticism and camaraderie among their skaters through competitive sport, regular practice, and do-it-yourself management. Every member exhibits behavior that brings honor and distinction to the League and the greater sport of roller derby. They are 100% skater owned and operated, with members running all facets of League management, including bout production, coaching, marketing and public relations, and merchandising.

All home bouts and regular practice sessions are held at Wagon Wheel Roller Rink or the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Industrial Building.

For additional information please visit  or email