As I made my way in to work this morning, I noticed that Casper's parking enforcement officers are out in force.

Either I hadn't payed attention before or the Casper parking officers have new ATV type vehicles. I'm sure they work year round, but today was the first time that I noticed enforcement making rounds this year.  That being said, be sure to know what your time limit is when parking downtown, as officers will be looking to ticket your vehicle if you're over your limit.

And if by chance you're coming out to your car or truck and notice an enforcement officer writing you a parking ticket, is there anything you can do to talk your way out of the fine?

According to a new survey - one out of every 12 people say they've successfully gotten out of a parking ticket even when they knew they were wrong.  If you're inclined to try to chat up the officer in hopes of getting out of the fine you might try one of these top 5 excuses that people say helped them get out of a ticket.

Here are the top 5 excuses that people have given that worked...

#1 - The parking rules weren't clear.

#2 - I was only gone for a second.

#3 - I was looking for a change meter, or a place to buy a ticket for the lot.

#4 - I had a personal emergency.

#5 - I had a parking pass but lost it.

FYI...  of the people surveyed, about 14% of those receiving parking tickets, paid up to $162 in parking fines last year.

Source: AOL Money