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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Breast Intentions?
#2 - He'll Huff and Puff and Go to Jail
#3 - Cat Got His Ear?

Breast Intentions?

A Florida woman was arrested after going up to several total strangers to get something off her chest - namely, her shirt, which she doffed in order to give the folks a good look at her rack.

Ronda Beckman knocked back one too many cocktails before giving her fellow patrons the shirt off her back, and informing everyone within earshot that "It's booby time! I'll give you something to look at, baby!"

When cops arrived on the scene to request that she get dressed, Beckman declined and showered them with obscenities before being cuffed on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication. (TC Palm)


He'll Huff and Puff and Go to Jail

A Louisiana man blew his chance at making a clean getaway from a robbery, because he was too out of shape to blow into the DUI ignition lock on his car.

Eric Williams grabbed a large bag of crawfish from the freezer section of a grocery store and tried to hightail it out of the place, with store security in hot pursuit. By the time he got to his car, he was completely out of breath, and couldn't muster up the wind he needed to get the vehicle started.

He eventually did manage to get away, but not before employees got a picture of his license plate, which they gave to cops. Williams told officers that he was innocent and could prove that he was at work until 4:30 that afternoon - which wasn't a great alibi, since 4:30 was still a couple of hours away. (Bayou Buzz)


Cat Got His Ear?

A Pennsylvania man who littered the police blotter with crimes will be caged for several years, despite the fact that he says he was just doing the bidding of a talking cat.

James Anthony Shroyer stole a car that he used to rob a bank before ramming a police cruiser - offenses he insists he was pressured into by the felonious feline, who followed him around telling him to break the law. The judge who sentenced him to five years behind bars also ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation - which seems like a purr-fectly sane idea. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)