I hope I'm not pushing too many boundaries by bringing up the upcoming NFL season already. I'm sorry. I can't help myself. Besides, I really don't want to dwell on the NFL...just my Broncos. Last year was one of the best they've had in decades. Our legendary QB John Elway is calling the shots from the head office, and we've just added another legendary QB to our roster. And as sorry as I am that Tebowing isn't going to have nearly the same impact, I remain committed to my team. In fact I'm about to go drastic.

What can I...Cowboy Troy, do to raise a stink about the Denver Broncos and show my support?! Here's what I pledge. Last Christmas, my future in-laws, knowing I'm a big fan, gave me a beautiful, gleaming white Broncos cap. I love it! It actually even looks somewhat decent on my small noggin, unlike most hats.

Well, my beloved Broncos...the ball's in your end zone now. I vow never to wash, clean, cleanse, scrub, mask, or remove any dirt or whatever, that may accumulate on my prize cap, until we win our next championship.

Hopefully it doesn't fall apart or become totally unrecognizable before then. God help us all. It's already been christened with some sacred oilfield dust from the home base. We'll see if that does the trick.

I'll keep updating with pictures from time to time, including a wonderfully restored and purdy cap should a big win be in our near future. Here's what the cap looks like at the moment.