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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - From Online Dating to Debt
#2 - Express Line... to Jail
#3 - Cheese-and-Onion Chocolate Bar

From Online Dating to Debt

An Ohio woman will probably trust a lot less in the future, after being taken to the cleaners by a man she met on an online dating site.

After corresponding online and on the phone for a few months, the man, who called himself as “Jerry Moore,” asked her for her Social Security and driver’s license numbers – which she gave him. Soon after, she started receiving electronics in the mail, which he told her to forward to the country of Ghana. He also sent her flowers, an iPad and an Apple laptop, which she gave to her son

She then received a notice from a Wyoming furniture company that she had an unpaid bill, followed by $50 bill from a wireless provider, also in Wyoming, leading her to suspect “Jerry Moore.” Now the police are looking into the identity of the culprit. (Sun News)


Express Line... to Jail

A Pennsylvania woman may soon have a record because she made a record – of her needed purchases ... including German potato salad, muscle relaxants and cocaine!

Carolyn Murray, who also made a note to herself to "get high," was detained by cops after she rear-ended an elderly man's car. When the responding officer asked for her registration, she asked him to find it, and he did, along with a shopping list that included all of the above items, along with Xanax and muscle relaxants.

The officer described Murray as “very out of it, her speech was slurred and she had no idea where she was.” (The Smoking Gun)


Cheese-and-Onion Chocolate Bar

Eat this with a breath mint chaser: Irish food company Tayto has developed a cheese-and-onion-flavored chocolate bar, and it’s already sold out of the first 100,000 chocolates off the production line.

Tayto head Eamon Eastwod admits he was surprised by customers’ reactions to the snack, which is described as a “crunchy chocolate with a lingering taste of cheese and onion.” (Metro U.K.)