All this unlucky woman wanted was to work on her all-over tan.  What she got gives a new meaning to "overexposure."

The 27 year-old female had already shed her clothes as she began descending a steep cliff to get to Black's Beach, a secluded nudist retreat which can be found in San Diego's Torrey Pines State Park.

Then she really found herself between a rock and a hard place; stranding herself on a ledge and unable to either climb back up or reach the beach.

Fortunately someone spotted her with the "naked" eye; presumably from a paraglider or something similar because she couldn't be seen from the top of the cliff.  Soon rescuers were alerted to her precipitous situation, and naked girl was saved with only minor scrapes, scratches, and a little "embarrassment."

She wasn't charged with a crime but was ticketed for ignoring warning signs.

Thanks to the U.K. Daily Mail and Fox News 5 San Diego.  See more pictures and video from the harrowing rescue, here.

So...where's the weirdest place you've been stranded without clothes?