When the lights go down in the arena for the CNFR, and all the flags, horses, animals, cowboys, music, and everything else that makes up a CNFR rodeo begins and runs on time. It doesn't happen by accident. It's choreographed and directed by one man. His name is Zoli Vajda. He's from Ohio but completely Hungarian. He's the Producer/Director of the CNFR. He's been coming to Casper for over fifteen years working the CNFR. "I love coming to this city," he said over dinner. "I've seen it all since I started dong this from the beginning." Zoli started as a television engineer in Amarillo Texas at WKY TV. He literally fell into a Director's job when director of the Texas High School Finals didn't show up to do the rodeo. "He couldn't walk and you can only guess why," Zoli said with a laugh. He's directed the CNFR in Vegas live for twenty five years, as well as Bull Riders Only and numerous other events over his career in rodeo/tv production. And though he's been literally around the world doing rodeo production he said he always looks forward to coming back to Casper. "The people are what brings me back. This town is full of wonderful people." So when the lights go down at the Casper Events Center you'll see Zoli on the head set, behind his computer. Making sure things run on time.