On Sunday night a camera cable snapped during the Coke 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  The fans were screaming for a caution as the field of 40+ cars hit the cables draped across the track going over 190 mph.

Now a new YouTube video has been posted of the snapped camera cable that caused those injuries at the NASCAR race over the weekend.  The guy who took it was sitting directly under the cable while the other end of it was lying on the track.  He kept telling people around him to stay down, and he was shouting at the officials to throw a caution flag.  (It's scary in the video.  You can see the cable shaking and whipping around as the cars drive by.  It was so close to the spectators' heads that a few people reached up and grabbed it . . . including the guy who made the video.)

Almost a dozen spectators were injured, 3 of them hospitalized.