I'll admit it, I LOVE PIZZA!! And if you're a pizza junky like myself, you're gonna be excited about what is most definitely, in my opinion, the best invention of the year!

Time to welcome the Pizza Vending Machine.

Hold on a second, Josh the Intern just fell out of his chair.  He'll be OK, well, physically anyway.

Yes, in less than 4 minutes the pizza vending machine will not only make and cook a personal pizza of your flavor choice. It will also do it right before your eyes.

C'mon, Josh... Again... really???

The folks at pizzametry.com are now putting the finishing touches on their pizza vending machines and hope to have them roll them out onto New York City streets soon.

The machine can make cook you a pizza pie in 90 seconds and allows customers to choose between pepperoni, white and cheese pizza. When the pizza is finished, it's delivered in a box along with a disposable pizza cutter, napkin and pizza spices.

The whole process takes just under 4 minutes, take a look for yourself.

But, not you Josh!  I'm not sure you'll be able to handle it!!!