First of all, I want to start out this post by saying THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Paws For A Cause Dog Walk, THANK YOU to everyone who donated and THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered to help.  It was a huge success and we are very pleased with the way everything went.

With that said, for those of you who are not familiar with The Hector Foundation;  The Hector Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding positive solutions to animal related problems through community involvement and education.  The foundation was started on April 10th by myself, Mandy Fry, and my close friend Sheila Amir.  Last Saturday we put on our first event and raised close to $2,000 for The Casper Humane Society and The Spay and Neuter Foundation of Central Wyoming.  We are very pleased with the turn out of our first event and hope to have the same success with many more in the future.

The Paws for A Cause Dog Walk was our first large event and helped kick off the start of The Hector Foundation.  It was originally a 3 mile dog walk that was cut down to a 2 mile dog walk to cater to our smaller dog friends and their little legs.  It started at Morad Park and ended at Morad Park.  There were over $3,000 in raffle prizes and everyone who attended received a goody bag with over $200 in coupons and goodies.  Also, we can't leave out the pooches.  Each pup recieved their very own handkercheif.  We estimated we had around 200 people attend.  And surprisingly with a group that large and many dogs roaming off leash, there were no issues and no dog fights.

Sheila and I are very pleased with the way our community came together to support our cause and help the animals in our community.  The Paws For A Cause Dog Walk will be an annual event each spring.  We are planning on more events in the near future and hope that we have the same support as we did at the walk.  Again, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.  For more information on The Hector Foundation please visit our facebook page at