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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Copping a Plea
#2 - Bow Wow Boom!
#3 - Cookie Monsters

Copping a Plea

A cop in Toronto is facing departmental charges and the possible loss of his job because he failed to investigate a group of people yelling racial slurs ... at him!

Dameian Muirhead was called to investigate a rowdy house party and was met by a group of drunk and angry guests who showered him with taunts and lines like, "I'd love to see that guy hanging from a tree."

A party-goer initially lodged a complaint against Muirhead for his "rudeness," and after both men testified, the racial slurs came to light – leading prosecutors to charge the cop with insubordination for not reporting them in the first place.

Muirhead's trial is due to wrap up this week. (Toronto Star)


Bow Wow Boom!

A dog owner in Florida found out his pooch was a real hunting dog, after the critter pumped a bullet into his leg as he drove down the highway.

Gregory Dale Lanier said that he was tooling down the road when his dog jumped onto the floor and discharged the nine-millimeter weapon, which the owner thought was unloaded. Lanier heard a loud noise, saw smoke, then felt a burning in his leg. Since he was not seriously injured, neither he nor the pup was charged in the incident.  (Highlands Today)


Cookie Monsters

An Indiana Wal-Mart employee got a lesson on the way the cookie crumbles after she was fired and hauled off to jail after opening a bag of Oreos and eating a few without paying.

Penny Winters was slapped with felony theft charges after her bosses examined surveillance tape and saw her consume "multiple cookies," rendering a large bag of cookies unsellable – and costing the multi-billion-dollar company a whopping 11 bucks.

Winters claimed she found an open package of the cookies near a cash register and assumed that they had been provided for free by management – but she did admit to grabbing a snack off the shelves from time to time while on duty.

The chain is pressing charges, so Winters will stand trial this summer. (The Smoking Gun)