One of the fun things to pay attention to when you're at a Major League Baseball game, is what song a player chooses as his entry song. And if you've never been to a MLB game, think of CHARLIE SHEEN'S character in the movie "Major League" as he enters every game to the song "Wild Thing". put together an informal list of 19 players who have chosen country songs. The Boston Red Sox lead the league with four different country choices . . . and all of them are pitchers.

Jon Lester enters to JASON ALDEAN'S "I Use What I Got" . . . John Lackey picked Aldean's "Crazy Town" . . . Josh Beckett has GARY ALLAN'S "Living Hard" . . . and Tim Wakefield uses TIM MCGRAW'S "How Bad Do You Want It?".

The National League leaders are the Philadelphia Phillies with three entries, although Roy Oswalt cheats a little by using two different songs.

Oswalt uses "Whistling Dixie" by RANDY HOUSER when he comes up to bat, but Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" when he pitches. The other Philadelphia player is Joe Blanton, who enters to BROOKS & DUNN'S "Hillbilly Deluxe".

Overall, JASON ALDEAN was the most popular choice - with seven of the 19 players saying they're used his music. Next was BROOKS & DUNN, with their music being used by three players on the list.