Lo and Behold!  You my friends are in for a treat.  Now I've done some stupid stuff before.  Most of the time my jokes are lame.  I do web posts about trees, for pete's sake!  This one is going to take the cake.  I believe you are about to witness my dumbest piece yet.  I'm sorry that it has to center around the hottest country redhead on the planet, because I love her.

So, forgive me Reba.  I was trying to be somewhat (seriously) original.  We've already got videos of your awesomeness posted along with some great Reba galleries.  What does my keen mind come up with?  Stop reading now.

The Top 11 Items That I Need To Have For The Reba McEntire/The Band Perry Concert

11)  Something Strange

10)  Turn On The RadioPup App for Mobile powered by Union Wireless

9)  Little Rock Candy (for snacking)

8) Whoever's In New England Patriots football jersey

7)  Seven wardrobe changes

6)  Take It Backpack

5)  My copy of Tremors (for autograph purposes)

4)  Does He Love You guide to understanding women

3)  My The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter T-Shirt

2)  Fancy footwear

1)  My ticket to this stellar performance

Honorable mentions go to "Somebody's Chelsea," and "Hip To My Heart Beatboxers."

See what I've been reduced to?  This is what happens when you're dealing with a lady that's as classy, talented, and wonderful as Reba McEntire.  My brain turns to mush and I resort to juvenile humor, if you can even call it that.  I can only hope that she hasn't read this.  But you know that there's always that chance.

By the way, Reba McEntire and The Band Perry have at least one thing in common that I know of - they both scored hits with a song called You Lie.  See?  That made up for my terrible list.  Get ready for Reba and special guests, The Band Perry this Friday night at the Casper Event Center with My Country 95.5.

See you at the show!